New Team at Mrs Williams

New term, new look. Kim, Lisa, Becky, Jess, Clair and Rachel are the staff members at Pre-school. Kim and Lisa are the Pre-school managers and early years educators. Becky, Jess and Rachel are practitioners. Clair looks after the admin. There have been some changes at preschool. We are delighted to finally have anti climb fencing put up around the Pre-school grounds and new gates.

2018/2019 Term Dates

Autumn Term 2018 Starts: 5th September 2018 Ends: 19th December 2018 Half Term: 22nd to 29th October 2018 Spring Term 2019 Starts: 7th January 2019 Ends: 5th April 2019 Half Term : 18th February to 22nd February 2019

Mrs Williams Policies and Procedures 2018/19

Mrs Willams Policies and Procedures 2012